Never too many festivals!

This spring Zagreb will host another festival. And you will not see us complaining.

The second half of May is reserved for the R’n’B Weekend Zagreb (Restaurants & Bars Weekend).

Hedonists, foodies and bon vivants (who enjoy coffee in addition to alcohol) save the dates between the 23 and 26 May. The beautiful space of the HAZU Glyptotheque will be the perfect backdrop for us to learn about the current offer of the local gastronomic scene. Various sessions, masterclass presentations and workshops will be the winning combination of this conference/festival/party (until early in the morning). We will have the chance to experience the show that a number of world famous names from the gastronomic scene have in store for us.

The festival is organised by the well-known and experienced: Tomo Ricov and Boris
Kovaček (organisers of the Weekend Media Festival), chef Mate Janković, food journalist and consultant Hrvoje Petrić, Marin Nekić - award-winning Croatian barman and mixologist, and Cogito Coffee.

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